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    Magical Equestrian Center features a professional coaching team capable of providing tailored guidance for customers with diverse needs, whether it be leisurely riding or professional rider training. We are equipped to customize programs to suit your preferences.

    With the most accurate riding concepts and techniques, our center will lead you gradually into the world of equestrian sports, allowing you to savor the joy of mastering horseback riding.

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In the past, horseback riding was perceived as an expensive pursuit, often associated with the elite and seen as a symbol of masculine vitality. However, nowadays, horseback riding has become an affordable and inclusive activity, evolving into a sport for people of all ages, from five-year-old children to seniors aged seventy, irrespective of gender. It has transformed into a popular pastime, not only as a means of achieving a graceful figure for women but also as a healthy and holistic method for children to maintain physical and mental well-being.

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